VBio Launch

Since 2011, we have partnered with academics, charities, start-ups, biotech and the pharma industry to support lean translation of new targets, technology and therapeutics from lead identification through to clinical proof of concept. Unlike traditional bioincubators/ accelerators, VBio has global reach, unconstrained by capital investment and local infrastructure.

Having previously existed as a team within The Research Network Ltd., VBio has now launched as an independent service based around Life Sciences collaboration and new venture support services.

We have pioneered a disruptive, cost-effective business model to address the knowledge and funding gaps to translate early stage therapeutics discovery projects to further investment and beyond. A simplified, contracting framework means V-Bio provides a swift gateway to an integrated team of drug discovery and development experts with multi-disciplinary life sciences and health technology industry knowledge.

We can build a bespoke, robust package utilising >1500 years of market insights, backed by an extensive global network of validated CROs and consultants. Our aim is to mitigate risks and maximise value for limited start-up funds and stakeholders, to accelerate progression of innovative treatments towards the clinic.

For collaboration and business enquiries, please contact joann@vbio.co.uk

For media enquiries, please contact chris@vbio.co.uk

For investment enquiries, please contact andy@vbio.co.uk

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